Tektro-USA Warranty and Service RA Request Form

Per Tektro policy, all Tektro warranty claims MUST be submitted by or facilitated through a dealer (bike shop). If you are not a dealer and are looking for a warranty replacement, please contact the appropriate Tektro Service Location in the contact information below. Thank you.


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Warranty Statement:

Your Tektro component is covered under warranty for a period of two years from the original date of purchase against manufacturing defects in materials and/or workmanship. Not covered under this warranty is damage resulting from improper installation, adjustment or maintenance, lack of maintenance, alterations, crashes, or use judged by Tektro to be excessive or abusive. The warranty is expressly limited to the repair or replacement of the defective part and is the sole remedy of the warranty. The warranty applies only to the original owner and is not transferrable. Proof of purchase is required to validate warranty eligibility. Modification of the product in any manor shall void the warranty. Tektro shall not be responsible for incidental or individual costs incurred by the warranty service provider that are not covered by this warranty. The user assumes the risk of any personal injury or property damage, including damage to the product, and any other losses, if the product is modified or improperly used at any time.

For warranty related questions or more information please contact the appropriate Tektro Service Center in the contact information below.


Tektro disc brakes offer a significant increase in performance over traditional cable actuated systems. Follow the break-in recommendations listed in the Owner’s Manual and allow yourself time to learn and become accustomed to the braking characteristics. They will perform reliably if installed properly by an authorized Tektro Service Center and regularly maintained per the General Maintenance guidelines outlined in the Owner’s Manual. Please read through Owner’s Manual and instructions fully and follow them carefully before you attempt to work on or install your new product.


Do not disassemble your Tektro product as disassembly could cause irreversible damage. Failure to follow these warnings and instructions will immediately void your warranty.

This braking system was designed for use on a single rider bicycle. Use of this system on any other vehicle or apparatus will void the warranty, possibly causing you great personal harm or injury.

Disc brakes, calipers and rotors get VERY HOT during regular use. DO NOT touch or attempt to service the rotor or caliper assembly until you’ve allowed for sufficient cooling to occur.

Leaking oil indicates a potential BRAKE FAILURE. If your system is leaking oil stop immediately and determine the nature of the problem. DO NOT continue to ride a leaking system.

If your bike is involved in a fall or crash, fully check the brake function including: the lever, caliper and rotor are securely attached to the bike, pads are correctly installed and functioning, the cable, (if applicable) is operating smoothly and the lever feels firm when applying the brake. Always have a qualified mechanic check the brakes if you have any doubts.

Pad thickness must be at least 0.8mm of pad material. Confirm this before each ride. Keep pads clean and free of oil or hydraulic fluid. If pads become contaminated, discard and replace.

Tektro Service Center Direct Contact:

Tektro/TRP USA

688 W Amidan Dr
Bldg 4X-1
Ogden, UT 84404
Toll-Free: 1-877-807-4162
Direct: 1-801-648-7079
Email: Info@trpcycling.com

Tektro/TRP Europe

General Email: info@tektro.eu
Service Email: service@tektro.eu

Warranty Request Form

  • Are you the original owner or a shop requesting an RA on behalf of the original owner and was the product purchased within the last 2 years?
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