SP10.11 TRP 2-Piston Semi-Metallic Pad

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A pad that splits the difference between our blue and copper compounds giving a nice balance of modulation and long lasting wear. Best for those looking for a quiet braking experience and a subtle onset of power.

  • Semi-metallic organic compound
  • Red color backing
  • Fits all Tektro/ TRP 2-Piston calipers
  • Minimal noise in all conditions
  • Sold as a pair per wheel


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2-Piston replacement brake pad pair for Tektro Models: M275, M276, M285, M286, E350, R310, Auriga Series, Draco Series, and the Gemini Series.

1 pair will fit 1 caliper. If you are looking to replace pads on both front and rear caliper, please purchase 2 pairs of pads

Pad/ Rotor Bed-in Procedure: https://trpcycling.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Pad-and-Rotor-Bedding.pdf

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