A11 20mm Adapter
 Flat Mount to Post Mount Adapter
 Advanced Bleed Kit
 Basic Bleed Kit
 Banjo Hose Kit - 2000mm
 Hose Cutter and Barb Press
 Mineral Oil
 Olive and Barb Set
 Bleed Block
 T925 Flex Noodle
 Rear M5 Phillips Pinch Bolt for Standard Straddle Carrier
 Road Lever Return Spring
 Hose Kit
 Standard Straddle Carrier Center Bolt Assembly
 80-Degree Cable Noodle
 TRP 90-Degree Cable Noodle
 L7-203mm PM/PM Rotor Adapter
 I4 - 203 Rear IS/PM Rotor Adapter
 A2 - 160 Front 140 Rear Rotor IS/PM Rotor Adapter
 Barrel Adjuster R870/741
 Adjustable Fork Crown Cable Hanger
 A3-180 Front 160 Rear IS/PM Rotor Adapter
 A5-203 Front 180 Rear IS/PM Rotor Adapter
 A6-180mm PM/PM Rotor Adapter
 A7-203mm PM/PM Rotor Adapter
 Dorado Adapters
 RL340 and RL341 Replacement Hoods
 RL520 Replacement Hoods
 Front Cable hanger 50mm
 Seat clamp cable hanger
 Small Parts