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Behind the Bars: Ashley Zoerner

Behind the Bars: Ashley Zoerner

Published on 1/4/2016

Rider: Ashley Zoerner

Team: Alpha Bicycle Company Vista Subaru

Age: 17


Q: Why do you race?

A: I love competition and riding my bike. Racing encourages me to keep pushing myself to be better and stronger.


Q: Years riding vs years racing:

A: I have been riding since I was 4 and I have been racing since I was 7 years old.


Q: Favorite post race meal?

A: Carne Asada Tacos


Q: Describe TRP in 4 words

A: Powerful, smooth, sturdy, aggressive


Q: Finish the sentence, “ I ride bikes…”

A: because being on a bike feels like freedom and its always a fun adventure.


Q: Best advice ever received?

A: “Natural talent can only get you so far, you have to work hard to be your best. -Mom


Q: Worst racing advice ever received?

A: Try hopping the barriers you will make it (I did not)


Q: Favorite subject in school?

A: Physics