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Behind the Bars: Richard Sachs

Behind the Bars: Richard Sachs

Published on 12/30/2016

This time we go deep behind the bars with cyclocross frame building legend and racer Richard Sachs. 


Rider: Richard Sachs

Team: Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team

Age: 63


Q: Why do you race?

A:  Racing improves the breed. 


Q: Years riding vs years racing?

A: All of them. 


Q: Favorite postrace meal?

A: Two slices of pizza, a big salad, and a hoppy IPA.


Q: Describe TRP in 4 words

A: Reality-based cyclocross brakes. 


Q: Finish the sentence “I ride bikes …”

A: I ride bicycles to complete my life.


Q: Best advice ever received?

A: See it done.


Q: Worst racing advice ever received?

A:  I’ve tuned out all advice except the aforementioned “See it done” once my mother offered it to me many, many years ago.


Q: Favorite subject in school?

A: Creative writing.