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Behind the Bars: Gage Hecht

Behind the Bars: Gage Hecht

Published on 12/15/2016

Rider: Gage Hecht

Team: Alpha Bicycle Company Vista Subaru

Age: 18


Q: Why do you race?

A: I race because I love the consistent diversity the sport provides. It may not always seem like it, but I am a fairly competitive person. Cycling gives me an outlet to use my competitive nature. I love that the sport is so dynamic. Each weekend provides a completely new race to compete in.


Q: Years riding vs years racing?

A: I have ridden my bike for longer than I can remember. From what my parents tell me, I was cruising around on two wheels by the age of three. At the age on nine I began to be interested in bike racing. I never turned back.


Q: Favorite postrace meal? 

A: As many of my current and former teammates know, I really enjoy Mexican food. Given the option, I would probably end every race-day with a burrito.


Q: Describe TRP in 4 words

A:  1. Supportive

     2. Reliable

     3. Powerful

     4. Innovative


Q: Finish the sentence “I ride bikes …”

A: I ride bikes for the thrill and adventure.


Q: Best advice ever received?

A: Never let the result affect your enjoyment of racing.


Q: Worst racing advice ever received?

A:  You're racing; you shouldn't be smiling.


Q: Favorite subject in school?

A: Science