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Behind the Bars: Sam OíKeefe

Behind the Bars: Sam OíKeefe

Published on 12/2/2016

 Back for another installment of Behind the Bars this time we have Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team rider Sam O’Keefe.   


Rider: Sam O’Keefe

Team: Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team

Age: 22


Q: Why do you race?

A: To focus intensely on something, exhaust myself, and eat delicious food afterwards with friends.


Q: Years riding vs years racing?

A: I rode a mountain bike for the first time about ten years ago. A couple years later I did a race in northern Maryland somewhere, it was scorching hot, and I crashed catastrophically halfway through.


Q: Favorite postrace meal?

A: Saag paneer, fish curry, garlic naan, and a lassi.


Q: Describe TRP in 4 words

A: Better than discs atmo.


Q: Finish the sentence “I ride bikes …”

A: Because motorcycles are terrifying, horses have minds of their own, and running is too slow.


Q: Best advice ever received?

A: “Wax on, wax off.” – Mr. Miyagi


Q: Worst racing advice ever received?

A: It’s not worth perpetuating. Things get taken out of context these days.


Q: Favorite subject in school?

A: I major in geology but always wish there were more time for a poetry class.