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Behind the Bars: BrittLee Bowman

Behind the Bars: BrittLee Bowman

Published on 11/28/2016

This is the first installment of a new series on the TRP site titled "Behind the Bars". Each week we will take a few minutes to meet the rider behind the bars.


Rider: BrittLee Bowman

Team: Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team

Age: 32


Q: Why do you race?

A: Challenge. Improvement. Fear. Progress. Love. Speed. Community.


Q: Years riding vs years racing?

A: Within a month of getting my first adult bike a tried a race. I got into bike touring for a while but I've      basically been racing for 9 out of my 10 years of riding.


Q: Favorite postrace meal?

A: A meal can never happen soon enough so I first put down a protein shake within 15min of racing... but then...probably a bacon/blue cheese burger with a kale salad...or bi bim bap.


Q: Describe TRP in 4 words

A: To trust speed with.


Q: Finish the sentence “I ride bikes …”

A: “I ride bikes.”


Q: Best advice ever received?

A: I like Richard's words- "See it done."


Q: Worst racing advice ever received?

A: I try to tune that stuff out.


Q: Favorite subject in school?

A: In elementary and high school I always loved sewing classes...I ended up majoring in Industrial Design and still love fabric.