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TTV Set Up Info

TTV Set Up Info

Published on 6/18/14

 More and more Aero and Time Trial bikes are using our TTV Set up. The TRP TTV offers trailing edge integration with linear pull performance. The TTV Front is a post mount aero brake that sits in-line with the fork edge, creating a seamless run for the air. Working with a wide swath of manufacturers you can expect TTV compatible forks to make a strong showing in the near future. The TTV-RC offers the same seamless post mount design perfect for under the bottom bracket applications. Give yourself an advantage – seek out the TTV

Here are some suggestions to optimize your performance:

  • Run compressionless housing, it makes for a tighter connection and helps keep your cables taught!
  • Keep housing to a minimum, but get as clean a line as possible into the cable clamp!
  • If the brake feels a little squishy - you can re-tension the spring. Simply slip it out and bend slightly outward!

Tech Sheet:


·         Super aerodynamic design

·         Forged and CNC’d aluminum arms

·         Mounts behind the fork on intergraded brake posts

·         Individual spring tension screws

·         Standard replaceable cartridge pads

·         134g per wheel including noodle, pads, and all hardware